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High Holiday Appeal
May you be inscribed & sealed in the Book of Life! Thank you for your generosity!


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Dear Friends!

The High Holidays are here and Jews from all walks of life gather together and pray for a good, sweet year. Interestingly, most requests in the prayers are written in the plural form. This is because being Jewish is a team sport-it is not done alone.
It is customary during this season to increase our charitable giving. Many synagogues hold a traditional "appeal." 

The Shanghai Jewish Center does not limit its programming and services ONLY to the Synagogue.  Our doors and activities are open all year round to all Jewish people living and visiting Shanghai.

Thus we make our appeal virtual, to all who have benefited from this Center.
Thank you for supporting our programs and services.  We could not do it without you!
Thank you for partnering with us to spread goodness, light and Torah in Shanghai. 
May G-d bless you with a year of abundance, joy and revealed good!
Rabbi Shalom D.. Greenberg 
Shanghai Jewish Center
Chabad of Shanghai
We Thank Our Recent Partners
Shlomo Freedman
Sarah Stambler
In memory of our departed parents, Sarah Stambler & Shlomo Bar-Ayal
Ariel Mint
Hille Zakai
moshe klompus
Yariv Guiloff
Deborah Levine